Upcycling woolly blankets

Friday 27th September 2019
Denmark Farm
10-4pm, £38

About the Course

Discover the art of upcycling woolly blankets and turning them into beautiful pincushions, badges, trivets, cushion pads and rugs. Make a range of useful household items whilst learning many different textile recycling skills. Using rag rug making techniques of braiding, coiling, hooking and prodding we will make vibrant cushion pads and trivets, pincushions and coasters using up-cycled woollen blankets. 

This workshop concentrates on using one sort of fabric in many different ways. Old wool blankets are a wonderful resource. Wool is a hard wearing natural fibre, it is heat resistant and dyes well. At this workshop we will use rotary cutters to make strips of woven wool dyed in a beautiful array of colours. We will start the day with a display of many different items from large rugs to small badges and demonstrations of all the techniques. You will be able to choose which you would like to make. 

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